All About Veils!

You've found the dress, you've found the shoes, and now it's time to start thinking about the other accessories you may need for your walk down the aisle. The one thing that completes any bridal look is a veil. They can be very romantic and when will you ever have another chance to wear one? Here at The Bustle, we have many different lengths and styles so we've created a condensed guide to choosing a veil! The smallest veil style is called a Birdcage. Inspired by old Hollywood, this type of veil is made of a wide netting and frames the face. It is usually attached to the hair with a small comb and sometimes incorporates flowers, crystals, or even feathers!

Here is one example of a birdcage veil! How fun!

Shoulder length veils are a more traditional style are about 20 inches long.

A lovely Bel Aire shoulder length veil!

Probably one of the most popular veil styles is the fingertip length veil and guessed it, right at the fingertips or around the hand. A typical length for this veil is 36 inches. Now if you want a more dramatic look, the Cathedral length is the way to go.  Typically these veils are 108 inches and line the back of your train.  If you don't have a train or don't want one, this veil will create the illusion of length during your ceremony.  Its perfect for a formal affair and great for pictures! Now lets not forget the blusher! A blusher is the piece of tule that covers the brides face as she walks down the aisle. Traditionally, the groom will flip the blusher away from the bride's face just before he kisses her. How romantic! Today, many brides choose not to wear a blusher and just have a veil that goes down her back. Here is a great way to compare the different lengths.

Here is a great guide for selecting a veil length :)

What style will you choose for your wedding?
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