The Perfect Wedding Day Emergency Kit

The last thing any bride needs on her wedding day is a mishap in which she was unprepared for! It is for that reason that the bride's maid-of- honor or bridesmaids be prepared for anything that may happen with a handy-dandy emergency kit. Paper cuts, make-up smudges, small marks on the gown, or even headaches can all be taken care! A bride's emergency kit is filled with items to help any bride in time of need. Here are a list of typical problems that could occur on your wedding day and solutions to fix it!

Problem: Bad Breathe
Solution: Breathe Mints

Problem: Small mark on the wedding gown
Soluation: Chalk to cover it up

Problem: Dancing too wild and lose the back of your earring?
Solution: Spare earring backs keep you looking polished

Problem: Long day and now you have a headache?
Solution: Pain killers like Advil or Tylenol are the perfect fix

Problem: Loose hem on a bridesmaid's gown?
Solution: Mini sewing kits to stitch it back

Problem: Fading make-up after a long day?
Solution: Keep all make-up that the bride used or matches in a bag for retouches

Problem: Too busy to run down the street for a full meal?
Solution: Keeping Snacks around the Bridal Suite will keep the maids full and happy

Problem: Bridesmaid didn't eat breakfast and now she has fainted right before the ceremony
Solution: Smelling Salts to wake the poor girl up!

Any of these mishaps happened at your wedding or a wedding you have attended?! xx

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