To belt or not to belt?…that is the question!

Decisions, decisions.  At this point you feel like you have made a million decisions to prepare for your wedding day. Yet, you have about a thousand left! Here is one more question.. do you want a belt on your wedding gown? Whenever we have a bride come in for her appointment I play with all of the accessories I can get my hands on! You never know what will look good until you try it, from veils to earrings.  Plus, when you think about it, you won't get to see you gown for months on end, so its best to make those decisions right then and there.  It will be hard trying to find what looks right while you wait, and if the ship date of your gown is close to your wedding date you might be cutting it close with getting those final touches. A favorite accessory of mine is belts! We are expecting a whole bunch to come in with our new gown orders.  Check out these bedazzled beauties!


I like to think that I came up with this idea, but I definitely didn't hehe.  A great idea is to do a very calm and light color sash for your ceremony, like a cream or champagne, and then... jazz it up for your reception!! You could then switch to something more fun and sparkly or pick another bright colored sash to match your bridesmaids or accent colors.  Pop on a nice bright magenta or a fresh yellow for an outdoors wedding.  It is such a small change that will leave all of your guests wowed.  Plus, if you can't afford an after-party second wedding gown (like most :) ), this small change will give you a whole new look.  Belts are in and they're hot, so why not? Try it out during your gown appointments.  And don't worry if your dream gown has a corset and you think the belt might not work.  It can and it will! Maggie Sottero is known for her corset fit and there are many of her designs that include a belt even with the exposed corset. You might be pleasantly surprised, so try it out. xx


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