Alterations 101!

About two months before your wedding day, each bride should begin her alterations.  Two months allows for enough time to get everything finished as well as guarantee the most accurate results as our bodies do change throughout the year. Here are a few guidelines on how to take advantage of each appointment to make sure your look is perfect! 1. On your first appointment: Bring your wedding shoes! Whether you are wearing 5 inch platforms or flip flops for the beach, any good seamstress will not start your hem until you have your wedding shoes.  This ensures no tripping and the perfect length making moving in your gown super comfortable. 2. Bring possible undergarments: Most of the time brides opt out of any and ask for push up cups to be sewn into the gown.  BUT bring whatever corset top or bra you think you might wear to your fitting.  Sometimes corset back gowns already have enough structure so a corset bra might feel like too much. Or, the back of your gown might be below the bra line. You won't know unless you try, so bring it all! 3. Play with accessories: If you don't already have your veil or jewelry, ask your consultant to help out.  You never know what will look best unless you try it on with your gown.  Veil color variations and necklace lengths are all small details that need to be addressed.  As the seamstress pins you, play with different looks and make sure to place any orders as soon as possible. 4. Be honest with your seamstress: If you see a loose thread, don't think your gown is tight enough, or want a deeper sweetheart cut, etc. tell your seamstress.  This is your chance to be as precise as you can, so don't be shy and express what you think. Ask your consultant or seamstress for their opinion too.  They have a lot of experience with alterations.
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