Alterations Advice: The Hem

So a friend of mine just went to a wedding and asked me an amazing question.  "What happens to the hem of the dress when the bride switches shoes for the reception?" It seemed so simple, yet I never had the thought to figure it out.  Well, today, I have the answer! We all have seen many brides change up their shoes for the reception (most likely cute flip flops).  Usually that change goes from a four inch heel to almost nothing.  That is a huge difference in your hem.  I spoke with our seamstress and sadly the answer is not all that great.  You can always alter the length of your hem/train in the back by tying the bustle a little tighter, but that always depends on what kind of bustle you get.  Unfortunately there are only about three good solutions. 1. Do not purchase a gigantic heel to begin with.  No one can really tell how high or how low your heel is underneath your gown.  Plus, a smaller heel is more comfortable so you might even opt out of switching shoes later on.  If the heel is only about two inches high, the difference in hem length will not be that great.  When you do switch to flip flops, you will not be stepping on your gown as much as your hem will be more accurate.  Solution number one seems okay to me! 2.  Have the seemstress make your hem a little bit above the ground to begin with.  If you don't mind the hem being higher, let her take it up an entire inch (or more if you chose).  During your ceremony, pictures and part of your reception your cute shoes will be peaking out the entire time, so that's not too bad. Plus if you do switch up to a lower heel, the difference is lessened.  The only mini issue with this option is that it is very difficult to get the hem absolutely perfect when it is above the ground line.  Keep that in mind and treat your seamstress nicely (as you always should) while she creates magic! 3. And finally... something I didn't even think of, but a bride today showed me.. get flip flops that are platformed.  Now I personally am not a fan of the look, but these looked sooo cute! They were platform white flip flops the whole way through (not just the heel) with fun beading on the straps and crystalized "Bride" on the sides.  Adorable! This definitely helped out our bride too because her gown definitely had many layers that needed the lift even later.  Depending on your personality and your needs, any of these solutions will work.  Thanks to my friend, I too now know the answer ;)
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