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Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day.  I have seen crash diets, months of working out, bridal bootcamps... I mean, you name it, I've seen it.  For the determined bride, they all look wonderful in the end.  BUT, there is a small problem that comes up every now and then.  Your dress is ordered around six months out, and a lot can change by then. So, what if the dress doesn't fit anymore? No worries! Seamstresses can do magic in alterations.  Most bridal gowns are designed to be taken in two sizes and out one size if any weight change happens.  If you ordered a 10 (real life dress size eight) and you loose weight, you can get your dress down to a size 6! In reality you can take in your dress as much as you would like, but we like to stick to two sizes because anything more than that can warp the dress and it begins to lose its original shape.  Unfortunately it doesn't work as wonderfully when you have to let out a gown.  There is only about an inch of extra material sometimes left on the dress for such changes. It restricts you, but you still have that inch of safety. Corset back dresses, like Maggie Sottero, add some extra relief.  Corset backs can save you money as well because they allow much more room to play with depending on how tight you want your gown to fit.  If you lose the weight, you can just tighten your corset.  Some of the corset look might be lost, but it's still something to consider. Upon ordering, some brides decide to order a size smaller than they need.  This is a risk so choose wisely! Just in case, try to stick to only one size smaller because you can let it out to your size in case bootcamp doesn't kick your butt.  At The Bustle, we usually don't recommend getting anything that isn't your size, but ultimately the decision is yours. This little rule works wonders with sample sales.  Sample sales sell sample dresses right off the rack rather than ordering new ones in your size.  This is perfect for brides who need a gown really quick and do not have the time frame for a new order.  Sample sizes range from 6-12 sometimes, so the "in-two, out-one" rule is perfect to make any gown your wedding gown.
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    1. I stumbled upon this post by accident and I am very glad I did, I am heading out to my first wedding dress shopping trip this weekend and will be thinking about your tips! Thanks :)