What’s a Trunk Show?

All The Trunk Show Answers: 

Hello Brides! We know the whole wedding planning process can be a bit overwhelming when you first start your bridal journey. In today's blog I wanted to help explain what wedding gown trunk shows are and how to find them!


A trunk show is when a bridal designer sends us a large amount of their gowns for the boutique to have in our shop for a limited amount of time. When designers come out with new collections we go and see their new lines, but don't always purchase the entire line. We only purchase a selected amount of their new gowns to have in our shop. We hold trunk shows throughout the year with all of our designers (gowns and accessories). They ship the gowns to us for a limited amount of time and then we ship their gowns back. Trunk shows are great for seeing a large amount of a designer's gowns/accessories that we might not typically have in our shop. 

When Are Trunk Shows? 

There are a couple of ways to find out when trunk shows are being held and where! You can always go to our website, we have a full list under "events" listing all trunk show dates for all of 2018. If you are looking for a specific designer's trunk show, go to their website and they typically list all the dates and locations of their trunk shows for the year. 

Do I Need An Appointment? 

Yes, The Bustle prides itself on its great customer service. Part of that experience is providing every appointment with a private room for you and your party, as well as your own private consultant. You can book appointments with us online or by calling us at 858-523-9254. 

Important TS Reminder!

Trunk shows are only in shops for a limited amount of time. Make sure you know when the trunk show ends, when the TS ends the gowns immediately get shipped back to the designers and the shop will no longer have those gowns in store to come back and try/see again. Luckily, the gowns can still be ordered even after the TS endsKeep in mind, any trunk show discount offered by the designer are only valid for the time of the trunk show, once the trunk show ends the discounts no longer apply. The Bustle does not own the Trunk Show gowns/accessories so we must return the products to the designer. 

The Bustle's Next Trunk Show! 

Stella York - April 6th-8th     Toni Federici - April 6th-15th    

Wedding Photos

We LOVE Our Bustle Brides!

As some of you may know, we love reposting your wedding photos on our Instagram page! 

Today I had a bride ask me how she and her husband could be featured on our Instagram & I wanted to let every Bustle Bride know exactly to go about that! 

Step 1: Be a Bustle Bride

If you purchased your wedding gown through The Bustle, you are a Bustle Bride & we want to celebrate your marriage. We love our brides and want to show you off to all of our loyal followers. 

Step 2: Send Your Photos

You can tag us, email, or direct message us your wedding photos!  Our email is thebustle@yahoo.com. Our Instagram name is @thebustle. Send us as many as you wish, the more the better! 

Step 3: Spouse & Vendors

Lastly, we ask that you include the name of your husband or wife! :) We always address our Instagram message to both you and your spouse!  Also, we kindly ask that you include the name of your photographer so we can properly give them credit for their amazing work.  If you know the names of your other wedding vendors we would also love to include their business too ( hair/makeup, florals, venue, dj, cake, etc). 

Step 4: Show Off

We will post your shout out on our Instagram - We want to show you and your special day off to the world! Congratulations you sweet brides! No matter if you wedding was 5 years ago or yesterday, send them, we want to celebrate your marriage! 

Here are some Bustle Brides, just because... 


The Bustle Bridesmaids 

Book your bridesmaid appointment today! 

The Bustle has a private special occasions room! This is the perfect space for you and your I-Do Crew to find their bridesmaid gowns!  We carry our own Bustle Private Label, Sorella Vita & Watters In your private appointment your bridesmaids will be able to try on an assortment of different styles, colors, and designers! There is also champagne and treats for everyone to enjoy! 

Here as some examples from our Sorella Vita line: 

Here are some examples from our Watters line: 

By appointment only, call us at 858.523.9254 if you have any questions. 
Appointments can be booked online or by phone. 

Trunk Shows

March Trunk Shows

Berta Trunk Show 

March 2nd-4th 

We will be having a Berta Trunk Show the first weekend of March! We could not be more excited, these gowns will take your breath away! Looking for something sexy, fitted, and unique? Berta is the way to go!   These trunk shows book out fast, make sure to book your appointment ASAP!  SpaceEEEE Book Your Berta Appointment Today!  SPACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Enzoani Trunk Show

March 16th-18th

The 3rd weekend in March we will have another amazing Trunk Show! Enzoani will be sending us so many of their beautiful gowns! Amazing bead work and stunning lace!  These gowns are another crowd favorite! Amazing quality and fun designs!  SPACeEEEEEEEEE Are you an Ezoani Bride? Book your appointment Now!

How Do You Choose?



Todays blog is dedicated to all of the many decisions brides face.  When planning a wedding, getting your perfect look together creates a plethora of options. How do you choose?  Lets start by breaking it down one by one...

Hair Up Or Down? 

The running theme with this blog will be stay true to who you are! It might be your wedding day, but you'll still want to feel comfortable in your whole look.  When deciding on hair, make sure you are wearing your hair in a look that you feel beautiful in. Meaning, if you feel your best with you hair down, then wear it down. If you feel your best when you hair if up, then wear it up.  You will have a lot of wedding photos taken and you want to love them. Think about how you prefer your hair in pictures, that might help you make your final decision.  If you are wearing your hair up, you can always take it down for your reception. If you are wearing your hair down, you can always pull half of it up to keep it out of your face. For those brides who want their hair down but want to show off their wedding gown's detailed or low back, you can always have your hair stylist braid it to the side so it looks down from the front but still shows of your gorgeous back!  SPACE

Earrings Or Necklace? 

Remember ladies, this is YOUR day. Normally we don't go about our day with bling jewelry and full length gowns, but your wedding day is YOUR day to go all out! You should feel your best, we're going for a 15 out of 10 feeling!  A lot of girls ask us if they should wear earrings or a necklace on their wedding day...stay true to who you are!  If you're an earring girl, just wear earrings. If you love necklaces, wear a necklace with dainty earrings to match. If you love BOTH, wear Both!  My only other advice when picking jewelry is go for less metal and more sparkly. The jewelry doesnt have to be big, you'll just want to catch some light and sparkle the day of!  A small sparkly bracelet for your right hand is always a nice touch too!   

High Heels Or Flats? 

This is another common debate among brides.  Here's a helpful tip when deciding between heels or flats...no one sees your feet, so we vote go for comfort!  We all love the glamour and beauty of high heels, but make sure you are prepared to spend a full night in them. Your wedding gown gets hemmed to the height you are in the shoes, which means if you kick your shoes off or switch to flats at your reception, your dress will be too long and you'll step all over your gown.  We support all of the heel lovers who dance through the pain! :D But, we also support all the brides who slip some sparkly flats and sandals on and dance the night away! Wedges are a must for any bride walking on gravel or grass! Sometimes a small one inch wide heal is the perfect compromise to getting a little height while still feeling comfortable! 

Feb. Fun!


Happy February Lovers!

This month is full of love & romance; plus all the fun things that go with it!

Not only does The Bustle sell your dream wedding dresses, we also sell fun bridal gifts for you and your bridal party.

Get your bride something cute this Valentines Day! 

Sugarfina Champagne Gummies

Hanky Panky Undergarments


Jewelry & More...

Book your accessories appointment today and you'll find we have a large selection of jewelry, hair pieces and belts! These accessories are great for any gift or even to wear on a special night out!

Valentines day is quickly approaching and we would love to help you feel special in some new undergarments and/or jewelry.   

Anne Barge

Anne Barge Trunk Show

January 19th-28th

Start the new year off right with your dream dress by Anne Barge.
Founded in 1999, Anne Barge reminds us that, "good style is timeless"!
These gowns hold onto elegance while giving us a fun modern twist.
The Bustle will only have this stunning trunk show in for a couple weekends, so be sure to book your appointment online or by phone quick!

Book Appointment  


Hair Styles For The Aisle!

Lets talk hair...

Veil? Hair comb? Halo? Up? Down? 

You can have it all!

This is a hair comb; these lovely hair accessories are probably the most common bridal hair accessory, other than the bridal veil! Hair Combs are the perfect touch of formal bling! These are a great way to spice up your beautiful bridal hairdo.


Most of these hair combs and hair pieces are created to allow your hair stylist to manipulate the comb to your hair style. Whether that means wrapping is around your bun, or weaving it into your braid, you can have a lot of fun working these accessories into your bridal look.

For the bride who wants more than just a comb, headbands and halos are the perfect solution! You can go blingy, or you can stay romantic by wearing more of a floral headband! 

And for all of you brides who LOVE their veil, don't worry, you can have it all! Here is an example of a gorgeous hair comb with a veil! You can still remove the veil after the ceremony if you'd like, while still keeping your gorgeous hair comb for the reception!

Long hair don't care, you can still have it all! Here is another great example of how you can wear a hairpiece with a veil while still showing off you long locks! 

Find a hair stylist you love and watch them create a beautiful look with all of your favorite bridal accessories! 

Book your accessory appointment at The Bustle today! 

All the products featured in this blog are Bel Aire Bridal Looks, sold at The Bustle, Del Mar. 


Finishing Touches!


After finding the perfect dress, the next step is to accessorize the look! Here are some accessories and the best ways to combine them all. 

  • Headpiece
  • Belt
  • Earrings
  • Necklace
  • Halo
  • Bracelet
  • Veils
  • Garter
  • Bolero

Halo & Veil Combo

Veil and Halo by our designer: Bel Aire

Belt & Headpiece

DIY sash belt & floral hair comb

Bolero & Veil Combo

Veil by Bel Aire & Bolero by Stella York

Earrings & Cathedral Veil

Veil by Bel Aire



Cathedral Veil & Belt

There are so many great ways to accessorize for the special day! Just make sure you always stay true to you and your personal style! :)


Bustle Up!

What even is a bustle?

We're here to explain the purpose behind the our shop's name! Let start with the most common question we get asked...

What is a Bustle? And do I need one? 

The answer is, yes! As long as your wedding gown has a train, big or small, you'll 100% want a bustle! A bustle is made by your tailor. Essentially the tailor adds clear buttons and loops into the back and train of your gown. These buttons and loops camouflage into your gown. The bustle allows the bride to hook up her train, giving her more mobility.

When do I bustle my dress? 

You'll want your train down for the ceremony and pictures, therefore you have the bustle put up for your reception! Your gown will be bustled from your first dance all the way to the end of the night. Having a bustle will allow you to really enjoy your celebration and not drag your train around.

What will the bustle look like? 

The interesting part of about bustles is the tailor designs them, not the gown designer. Your tailor creates them based off of the style and weight of our gown. Each button-to-loop is considered a bustle. Often brides have 3-5 point bustles! There are two types of bustles, the French and the English.

Here is examples of a French bustles:

French- Fitted Gown




French - Ballgown


And now, examples of American bustles: 

American- Fitted gown


American- Ballgown

Space Now keep in mind that bustles are made by tailors, meaning that every bustles looks a little different! It comes down to the brides design preference! All bustles do the same job, so the look and placement of the bustle can be adjusted to the brides preference in her tailoring process! If there is a specific bustle design you've seen and really love be sure to save the picture and show your tailor! :) Now you finally know what those step-sisters from Cinderella are wearing on top of their rumps, believe it or not this look used to be all the rage!