A long, happy marriage!

In the recent weeks, I've discovered during some of my bridal appointments here at The Bustle that most of the bride's guests are already in a relationship, or married. The brides still wanted to incorporate the bouquet toss tradition, but in a way that would include the majority of their guests. I suggested an alternative bouquet toss idea that I thought was really special from the last wedding I attended. Traditionally, the bouquet toss is thrown to a crowd of single women. The lucky lady who catches the bouquet of flowers is said to be the next one to get married. A cute way to give up the bouquet is to pass it onto the longest married couple. It's a sweet gesture that not only includes a lot of your guests, but celebrates a long, happy marriage. You could do this by inviting all the married couples to the dance floor. As they all slow dance, request that those who have been married for less than a certain number of years leave the dance floor. Eventually by the end of the song, you should be left with the longest married couple and can pass on the bouquet to them! <3 Do you have any other bouquet toss ideas? I'd love to pass on some other great alternatives. (: bouquettoss  
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