A Wedding Dress Essential!!

To all you brides out there that have the gown, shoes, and jewelry.... don't forget this other important accessory!! A slip for your gown is a wedding dress essential and may actually end up being one of your favorite purchases. Here's why! -Wearing a slip gives instant volume to a gown, and helps to show a great silhouette -The extra volume added underneath tranforms the dress, making it more lively -Prevents the gown from falling in between your legs -Helps your gown look photo ready because the layers are perfectly fluffed out There are different styles of slips that work best for each gown depending on the fit of the dress. For example, if you're wearing a fit and flare style, a mermaid slip will make sure that the gown keeps it's shape and doesn't fall flat. We just want to make sure that our brides are well equipped with all their accessories, and a wedding dress slip will definitely help out on their special day! (:  slippppps  
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