Quick Tip: Color Matching Bridesmaids Gowns

If you're a bride with a large bridal party whose friends are in different locations, deciding what style gown they should wear may be difficult when you can't shop together at the same time. So you've finally decided what style gown your bridesmaids should wear, or want them to choose whatever dress they like. How do you describe the color so they can match the rest of the bridal party?! There are many different variations of hues, so here's a quick tip from The Bustle to help your bridesmaids coordinate colors to get the perfect shade you want! (: Make a trip to Home Depot or a craft store. Pass through the paint, fabric, or ribbon aisle and find a swatch of color that you want your bridal party to wear. Take multiple color cards or cut up swatches, and send them out to your bridesmaids that are out of town. Color cards can easily be placed in a wallet or purse, and can be taken out when convenient when they're out and about. This way, when they go shopping for their bridesmaids dress, they can use that color swatch as a reference in choosing the right color for the gown. bridesmaids5



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