The Perfect Fit

Lets talk tailoring.


You should begin your tailoring process roughly 2 months (8 weeks) before your wedding day!  Remember, for all of you destination brides, if you are getting married out of town you'll need to begin your tailoring 2 months prior to the day you leave for your wedding.  You will have around 3 appointments with your tailor. Your first, second, and third pinning. 


Give The Bustle a call when you're ready to book your tailoring appointment and we'll help you get all set up. 

What You'll Need:

Make sure to bring your shoes to all three of your tailoring appointments. The tailor will need you in your shoes in order to do your hem.  Bring any undergarments you think you will wear the day of, the seamstress will tailor the gown to your body. Undergarments can alter your measurements so if you wear them for the tailoring process, you'll need to wear them at the wedding to get the perfect fit. 


Tailoring is a separate fee from the cost of the gown. There is a broad range for tailoring based off of what you'll need done and your timeline. The range is anywhere from $200 to $850. Most brides need body alterations, a hem, and a bustle.   
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