What’s a Trunk Show?

All The Trunk Show Answers: 

Hello Brides! We know the whole wedding planning process can be a bit overwhelming when you first start your bridal journey. In today's blog I wanted to help explain what wedding gown trunk shows are and how to find them!


A trunk show is when a bridal designer sends us a large amount of their gowns for the boutique to have in our shop for a limited amount of time. When designers come out with new collections we go and see their new lines, but don't always purchase the entire line. We only purchase a selected amount of their new gowns to have in our shop. We hold trunk shows throughout the year with all of our designers (gowns and accessories). They ship the gowns to us for a limited amount of time and then we ship their gowns back. Trunk shows are great for seeing a large amount of a designer's gowns/accessories that we might not typically have in our shop. 

When Are Trunk Shows? 

There are a couple of ways to find out when trunk shows are being held and where! You can always go to our website, we have a full list under "events" listing all trunk show dates for all of 2018. If you are looking for a specific designer's trunk show, go to their website and they typically list all the dates and locations of their trunk shows for the year. 

Do I Need An Appointment? 

Yes, The Bustle prides itself on its great customer service. Part of that experience is providing every appointment with a private room for you and your party, as well as your own private consultant. You can book appointments with us online or by calling us at 858-523-9254. 

Important TS Reminder!

Trunk shows are only in shops for a limited amount of time. Make sure you know when the trunk show ends, when the TS ends the gowns immediately get shipped back to the designers and the shop will no longer have those gowns in store to come back and try/see again. Luckily, the gowns can still be ordered even after the TS endsKeep in mind, any trunk show discount offered by the designer are only valid for the time of the trunk show, once the trunk show ends the discounts no longer apply. The Bustle does not own the Trunk Show gowns/accessories so we must return the products to the designer. 

The Bustle's Next Trunk Show! 

Stella York - April 6th-8th     Toni Federici - April 6th-15th    
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