How to Prepare for You Gown Appointment!

Ok, so you just got engaged....where do you start?! After picking out your venue, dress shopping is obviously the next step. :) But.. how do you even go about it? Wedding gown shopping is always a new experience because, well, how often do you shop for a wedding gown? Here are the best ways to prep for your gown appointments! 1. Check out some styles online! Get an idea of what kind of look or feel you are going for for your wedding day. Places like The Knot and Pinterest are great resources for fun ideas. And once you find out which boutique you want to visit (see #2) check out the designers they carry as well!

Cymbeline Paris

2. Research your area and find a bridal boutique that fits your needs. Do you like personal attention or do you like to shop on your own? Each bridal store offers different perks, so check them out. At The Bustle, we are a small bouqitue, but our gown are carefully hand picked and we give you great personal attention with champagne and cakes! 3. Select a small group to come with you and who's opinions you trust. It is great to have people you love come with you and share such an important moment. Make sure you pick a gown where you feel most beautiful, and not which your sister loves most. ;)


4. Come with an open mind. Your consultant is a professional and they know exactly what look will fit your style and body type within minutes of meeting you. Even if a gown might look bad on the hanger, try it on, you might be surprised! 5. Most important: Have fun! This is the biggest purchase you might ever make (emotionally and financially) so enjoy each second. Be honest, make jokes, play with accessories and feel gorgeous!

Jenna had fun with us.. so why can't you?! :)

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