The Holidays are here!

The holidays are right around the corner and there is a lot to be done! Along with fighting off other shoppers in the mall, get ready for holiday surprises. *wink wink* Now statistically the holidays are the most popular times for engagements.  I'm not sure what this statistic is, buuut I'm pretty sure its true.  So ladies, get ready, manicure your nails and practice your "surprise" face. If you don't get anything by New Years Day, don't be alarmed because you might get something for Valentine's Day.  If you receive nothing by then, or during those holidays, your fiance has you figured out.  If he knows you are waiting for it, he might pick a random day between or after any of those holidays.  You just never know, so keep your fingers crossed! In case you are the type of couple to talk about what kind of ring you would like... here is Engagement Ring 101. If you are the type that wants to be surprised, but also not disappointed, print this out, white out the directions part, circle the cut you want, and post it on your fridge. Consider it a "subtle" hint. :) You have all probably heard of the 4 Cs. Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat.  To some carat is more important than anything, while others just want the cut to be perfect. Whatever is important to you, here are some great charts to guide you along the way. Don't be fooled about the "yellow" thing.  Yellow diamonds are very expensive and very rare, so if you like yellow go for it.  Just make sure to stay as close to 'z' as possible. If you prefer a clear diamond, stick to the top of the alphabet as much as possible.   The Cut! My favorite part. :) What is your favorite cut? Try to find the perfect balance of each of these criteria, what details you want on your band, what your wallet can afford and you will find the perfect ring from your perfect man. Happy Holidays to our Brides-to-be and Happy New Year!
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