The Perfect Style for Your Body Type

In a previous post I broke down the six basic wedding gown styles from mermaid to ballgown. (Check it out here!)  Each style fits every girl completely differently, so how do you know what style is right for you? Just like there are six basic gown styles, there are four basic body shapes for each one of us. Here we go...
The Four Basic Body Shapes

The Four Basic Body Shapes

Apple: Someone who has a typical apple shape has broader shoulders and upper body with narrower hips and thinner legs and thighs.  In this case, a destination or ballgown style will do wonders (especially if a dress has a low back or tiny straps adding length to your upper body).  The destination style will give you a tiny waist and elongate your upper body (unless its an empire waiste).  In the case of a ballgown, the volume of the skirt will balance out your top giving you the desired "X" shape. Plus the bigger the skirt the tinier your waist will appear.  If you still desire a more fitted gown, search for gowns which have corset backs.  This will give you the opportunity to pull in the gown at the exact spots you would like allowing you to change your shape ... as long as you leave room to breath ;) Banana: This body shape is also refered to as a "straight" shape.  A bride who has this shape has measurements that are typically even from her bust, waist and hip giving off a "straight" silhouette. If you aren't going for a curvy look, sheath gowns are perfect.  They have a straight down feel to them, similar to a destination gowns-which would also work.  A-line gowns are great because they show off your shoulders and waist while giving you volume towards your lower body creating the illusion of a curvier shape. Pear: A bride with a pear shape has narrow shoulders and a narrow waist with wider hips.  If you are loving it and proud of it flaunt those hips in a nice curvey mermaid or trumpet! If you are more sensitive about that area, A-line's are great.  Modified A-lines give off that traditional look while being slightly tighter towards your hips, but not toooo much. A ballgown will give off a similar look, so if you want more poof, go for it! :)
Hourglass: Some might say this is the most desired shape. If you weren't born with this shape, there are many ways to achieve it! A girl with an hourglass shape looks like, well, an hourglass.  Her upper body and hips are relatively the same measurements while her waiste is smaller.  If you feel like you might be too curvy (ps no such thing ;) ) any ballgown style or A-line will be perfect. But, if you want to show it off there is nothing better than a mermaid.  This gown style is made to highlight your curves as much as possible.  If you feel like it might be too tight, a trumpet will have a similar effect.  If you want to achieve an hourglass figure, corset tops are great!
Ok, so all of that might seem confusing as a lot of the gown styles can be worn by any body shape.  In the end, try on each style.  You might realize how amazing your curves look in a mermaid, or how tiny your waist looks in a ballgown.  You might even discover a newfound confidence about something you are self-conscious of in the right dress.  Or, you might just reaffirm that perhaps you were right and a certain shape just isn't working. Try them all on during your gown appointments.  Your consultant should actually point this out and help you find the perfect style leaving you with no doubts and what ifs about other styles. And most importantly!!! HAVE FUN! xx
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