All that glitters is gold

The Bustle is the perfect accessory destination to complete your entire wedding day look! Any of our bridal consultants would love to help find your jewelry, hair pieces, and veils to go along with your beautiful gown. <3 We've been obsessed with metallic, champagne, and blush colors, and we're so excited for all the new  accessories we've received in our boutique! We can't wait to find the perfect pieces for our brides. See if any of these accessories are on your wedding hunt list, and give us a call at (858)523-9254 because we've got them waiting here for you! (:
  • jewelry with mixed metals
  • rose gold accessories
  • gold jewelry
  • champagne or blush colored veils
  • champagne colored jewelry and accessories


Beach Bling!

We've discovered the cutest way to dress up your feet for a beach wedding! If your ceremony is going to be directly on the sand, accessorize with beaded foot jewelry. Here's why we love them~
  • They're so easy to wear. Just slip them on right before your ceremony
  • They're great for destination weddings. No need to pack bulky shoes in your luggage
  • It's a super cute accessory, especially if your're going barefoot in the sand
From rhinestones, sea shells, and charms, I'm sure there's one that will match perfectly with both your dress and personality. Take a look at the ones I've been eyeing! Which one would you choose for your beach wedding?? (:

This is perfect if you want something simple for your casual and intimate ceremony.

Find one to show off your pedi or to match your color theme

Charms or shells would be perfect to for a beach setting

 Bling it up with rhinestones! You can never have too much sparkle


Another beautiful Bustle Bride!

Another one of our amazing Bustle Brides looked stunning in lace in her Stella York wedding gown! A special thank you to The Studios of Joseph Guidi for sending us photos. We're always so happy to be apart of our wonderful bride's weddings in finding the gown they love and they were able to capture those memories perfectly<3 Congratulations again to Lisa Hill, you looked beautiful! (:

Reise-002 Reise-080

Our beautiful Bustle Bride, Mallory!

We were so excited when we heard back from Mallory, one of our many wonderful Bustle Brides! We received beautiful photos of her and her fiance's wedding day, and couldn't help but share their special moment. She's dressed head to toe wearing fabulous designers which can all be found right here at The Bustle! She's wearing a stunning Stella York gown paired with a Toni Federici veil.  Mallory even found the perfect earrings here to accessorize and complete her outfit. Want to get a similar look for your wedding day? Well next month The Bustle will be carrying more beautiful head pieces like the one Mallory is wearing for our Toni Federici trunk show on November 2nd-11th! Check out our previous blog post to see the beautiful Toni Federici accessories,  and call or go online at to schedule your bridal appointment with us to help you prepare for your wedding day!<3 mallory04





Wedding Traditions

Before you take a walk down the aisle, we thought you might want to know where some of these, sometimes bizarre, wedding traditions came from! The White Wedding Dress It might be hard to believe, but wedding gowns were not originally all white! Most brides often wore the best outfit they owned, in any color, to show their new husbands how wealthy their families were. Some would even layer on furs and shawls to prove their riches. It wasn't until 1840 when Queen Victoria got married in a white gown and started the trend. At that time, white was a symbol of affluence since it could only be worn once. I guess they didn't have the luxury of taking clothes to the cleaners!

Who knew Queen Victoria was such a trend setter?

The Wedding Ring Since ancient times, a ring has been a symbol of everlasting love since it is a never-ending circle. Romans started the trend of placing a wedding ring on the third finger of the left hand because it was believed that it was the only finger with a vein the connects directly to the heart. The Bouquet Toss Centuries ago, brides would carry around bunches of aromatic fruit blossoms, garlic, and grains as a symbol of prosperity and believed that they would ward off evil spirits. Eventually these were replaced with floral bouquets and took on the symbol of happiness and fertility. Another tradition began around the same time where wedding guests would try to tear off a piece of the brides dress as a symbol of her good fortune. In the brides attempt to get away from the crowd, she would throw her bouquet at them and run away. Today the bouquet is tossed to single women with the belief that whoever catches  it will be the next to marry. Bridesmaids For many centuries, bridesmaids have accompanied the bride on her wedding day. This tradition dates back to ancient Roman times when the bride's friends escorted her to her husbands village to protect her from anyone who may try to hurt her or steal her dowry. Eventually, this tradition changed a bit and a bride's friends would all dress in similarly to the bride to outsmart evil spirits so they would not be able to tell who was getting married.

Just imagine having all of your bridesmaids dressed exactly like you!

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue "Something old" represents the bride's link to her family and the past.  The  bride may choose to wear a piece of family jewelry or her mother or  grandmother's wedding gown. "Something new" represents hope for good  fortune and success in the future.  The bride often chooses the wedding gown to  represent the new item. "Something borrowed" usually comes from a  happily married woman and is thought to lend some of her good fortune and joy to  the new bride. "Something blue" is a symbol of love, fidelity, and  purity of the bride.

Such a cute idea!

What traditions are you incorporating into your wedding?

Don’t forget these last minute wedding items!!

As a bride, the stresses of planning a wedding can take a toll on your memory, even when you think you have written everything down.

Here at The Bustle, we are prepared for brides who may have forgotten those last minute items! Here are a few items that you may have not thought of while in the last month of planning your big day!

Cake-Cutting Set:
The venue where your reception is may have a set for you to cut your cake with, but wouldn't you want to have one that is yours. Imagine on your first wedding anniversary, it is time to cut the top tier of your wedding cake and using the same set as on your wedding day! *awww*

Ring Bearer Pillow:
How terrible would it be if minutes before you line up on your wedding day to walk down the aisle, you realize your ring bearer has no pillow to hold! Be sure not to forget this small but necessary item!

Toasting Flutes:
As you are listening to family members and your bridesmaids giving you the best speech, you are going to be asked to raise your glass! Why not toast with toasting flutes that were engraved with your names and wedding date so you can keep them afterwards!!

Garter Belt:
The garter toss is a fun moment during your wedding reception and the last thing you would want is to forget them. Yes, them as in plural! It is wise to get TWO garter belts, one for your groom to toss and one for a keepsake!

It is after the ceremony and you have had your first kiss as husband and wife. Now it's time to take photos, but you realize that you need to retouch your lipstick and don't have the matching color that you may have used. Be sure to purchase the lipstick you used when you got your make-up done so you can reapply it throughout the night.

Did you have these items on your list of things you may need?! xx

Pictures from our gorgeous bride!

We absolutely love when months down the road our brides reach out and share pictures from their most memorable day.  This bride had an amazing wedding in Mexico recently and I can't believe how perfect her gown was for the venue, and most importantly, for her! Jealous of the bare feet, heels aren't always friendly! Her necklace matched the beading so well! Love the blue too :) <3 A perfect way to end a perfect day! Congratulatons to you both once more!

In the “Spirit” of my favorite holiday!

Happy Halloween to all of my witches, vampires, zombies and princesses! This is my all time favorite holiday, one that is special to my heart in many ways.  Actually, all of us here at The Bustle are obsessed with this holiday. (We are all going out to lunch in our "scary" costumes :) ) In the spirit of this awesome day here are some great wedding Halloween ideas. From haunted venues to spooky cake toppers, we wish you a freaky day! xx For those venues, click here and see what the amazing Knot has to say! You can chose a classy version or go all out and have fun with this scary theme! Enjoy! Love it all! You can still wear white and have a spooky dream wedding. Accessorize with Etsy! Just Google Image it and get crazy fun ideas.  I've been staring at ghastly pictures for hours! xx