Badgley Mischka Sample Sale Blow Out!!

Everyone here at The Bustle has been fixated on the sophisticated Badgley Mishka gowns. With beautiful attention to beadwork, and an exquisite silhouette, a bride can achieve an elegant or even glamorous look for her wedding day. Now through October, The Bustle is having a Badgley Mischka sample sale!  These designer gowns are now newly reduced letting any bride feel gorgeous on her day.  Schedule an appointment with us today with champagne and cakes to get a first hands-on look of the beautiful wedding gowns. I promise, they won't disappoint! (: fifi fortune_badgley_mischka_wedding_dress_primary   keeneland_bm_mj_ssb2011_a  

Benefits of Trunk Shows at The Bustle!

Trunk shows are a great way for brides to view new gowns and accessories that usually aren't accessible. Types of Trunk Shows: There are two types of trunk shows- gown and accessory.  During a gown trunk show we receive 15-20 gowns we usually don't have in the store. During an accessory trunk show we might receive up to 30 pieces we usually don't carry. The accessories range from veils to belts to hair pieces and even boleros! The Way They Work: During a trunk show a gown designer will send extra gowns from their collection to our store. It is awesome because sometimes we receive older styles that are hard to find and new gowns from their newest collections! 
We just had this awesome Badgley Mischka over the weekend and we can't wait to have her back!

We just had this awesome Badgley Mischka over the weekend and we can't wait to have her back!

The same concept applies to accessories. We just revamped our accessories boutique so you can view all of our goodies easily and find something you love! Make sure to check out some Bel Aire accessories at their trunk show May 3rd to May 13th! Their Benefits: Even if you found your gown already here at The Bustle, you can always stop by for accessory trunk shows because we might just receive the headband you've been looking for. Plus, it is always smart to match up the accessories with your gown.  So, if you haven't received it yet, we will have it for you to compare.  The best part? Trunk Show discounts! Some designers offer discounts on their gowns allowing you to finally view the gown you couldn't find AND save money! Check out our News & Events page frequently. We are always updating it with new dates for designer trunk shows. Also, we update our Facebook page daily with dates and pictures of the gowns we will receive. Make an appointment and we will see you soon! :)

Some new gowns from Badgley Mischka New York Market

I know some of you might have seen a couple new gowns on our Facebook page, but here are a few more looks that we snapped while in New York. Each gown is breathtaking! We don't know the names of these yet, but we can fantasize of what is to come out of the entire collection. Enjoy! :)   How crazy is that detailing?! Which gown is your favorite??

Badgley Mischka Trunk Show!

Our Badgley Mischka Trunk Show seems far away, but in the bridal world it is super close! We will be hosting their trunk show again this year September 7th thru 9th.  Sadly we only get to keep them for one weekend, but on the brightside we are giving you a great heads up to schedule that appointment! The detail on their newest collection is to die for! Their embelishments and embroidery are stunning.  Here is a sneak peak of some of the gowns we might be receiving.  And don't forget to request any styles that catch your eye. We can always request them specifically for the trunk show. :)

This gown has the classic A-line look with an attention to detail on the sleeves. Plus the belt emphasizes a tiny waist; something we all look for! :)

Dolley just feeds our back obsession. Interesting backs are always in, and this gown has re-introduced a draping style with beading.

A modified A-line with the most delicate detail along the entire bodice. The natural waist is perfect, and the softness of the organza skirt balances the embelished top.

Looove Letitia. This gown is so different, flirty and fun. Small details embelish the top and bottom, but the ruffles are the best!

If you like Leticia's details but not the ruffles, this is perfect. The lace material softens up the look of the gown, and the thin straps add to the delicate look.

Which gown is your favorite? Request an appointment on our website or give us a call at 858-523-9254 to request some styles.  xx

More Badgley Mischka Gowns!

I might sound like a broken record, but really... they are gorgeous.  We just recieved more, so I thought I would share what other gowns we will have in store.  Remember that we are having a sneak peek Trunk Show this weekend Dec 16, 17, 18, but the official Trunk Show is January 6-14th.  So, if you can't make it in before the holidays, no worries! Here we go....










and Fifi & Lexington! Those are in an earlier blog, so scroll down :)

Castellano and More!

She's here!! Badgley Mischka's Castellano is as romantic as can be with her gorgeous lace and soft ruffles! She is just one more to add to our collection.. I feel like a proud mother haha.


  And since its the season to be giving... here is an update of the Badgley Mischka gowns we will have in store during the Trunk Show! If you think one of these might be "the one" make sure to make your appointment during the trunk show Jan 6-Jan14.  After that, those trunk show gowns are outies! :( Kiki Anastacia Zenyatta And! We will be getting a few of their belts and a veil.  The month of December has turned out to be a holiday everyyyyday. Ahh I feel like we have so much news! We will also be hosting Elle & Jae hair accessories and sashes...more pictures of that and updates to come closer to the trunk show dates.

Cannot wait to get Badgley Mischka’s Ava!!

Love love loooooove this gown.  I can't wait to get it and just stare at it for hours....sigh. The simple bottom with blinged out bodice makes this ballgown gorgeous! Check it out! What do you think?? xx

Trunk Show News!

The Bustle will be having a Somsi Couture Trunk Show coming up in December! Somsi has introduced some amazing new styles and I can't wait to showcase them during the first two weeks of December.  Make sure to mark your calendars for December 1-December 15th! Our weekends book up really fast so make sure to book your appointment soon.  Don't rule out midweek appointments either.  You avoid the rush of weekend shoppers and still get the trunk show benefits! :) If you want to wait until after the holidays, you aren't missing out.  We will be hosting a Badgley Mischka Trunk Show from January 6-January 14th.  Their style is totally different than Somsi's, so check them both out and decide which designer fits your personality and make your appointment for then.  I can't wait for both! See you in a couple of weeks and in the meantime Happy Thanksgiving! xx

Check out this cutie!

One of the reasons why I love Badgley Mischka... the take on romance+bling+whimsical bliss and you have Lexington! Check out this amazing gown and the details on the bodice.  We are expecting her quite soon! :)   Ready for the close up!

Badgely Mischka is on its way!

Although some might consider the end of the year the "slow season", it sure hasn't slowed down in other ways.  We are busy bees figuring out what gowns will be perfect for our Bustle Brides! I have made previous announcements regarding Cymbeline Paris with a sneak peek mentioned a few days ago, but today its Badgley Mischka's turn. Now I know you might not like it, but you can only view one of the gowns so far :) We do have a few more coming in, but I guess you'll just have to wait as long as we do! hehe Check out Fifi! Besides the absolutely adorable name, this gown has sweet ruffles and a very cute, yet couture, bow!


Close Up

  What do you think? Any suggestions of gowns you would like to see in our boutique? xx