Don’t forget these last minute wedding items!!

As a bride, the stresses of planning a wedding can take a toll on your memory, even when you think you have written everything down.

Here at The Bustle, we are prepared for brides who may have forgotten those last minute items! Here are a few items that you may have not thought of while in the last month of planning your big day!

Cake-Cutting Set:
The venue where your reception is may have a set for you to cut your cake with, but wouldn't you want to have one that is yours. Imagine on your first wedding anniversary, it is time to cut the top tier of your wedding cake and using the same set as on your wedding day! *awww*

Ring Bearer Pillow:
How terrible would it be if minutes before you line up on your wedding day to walk down the aisle, you realize your ring bearer has no pillow to hold! Be sure not to forget this small but necessary item!

Toasting Flutes:
As you are listening to family members and your bridesmaids giving you the best speech, you are going to be asked to raise your glass! Why not toast with toasting flutes that were engraved with your names and wedding date so you can keep them afterwards!!

Garter Belt:
The garter toss is a fun moment during your wedding reception and the last thing you would want is to forget them. Yes, them as in plural! It is wise to get TWO garter belts, one for your groom to toss and one for a keepsake!

It is after the ceremony and you have had your first kiss as husband and wife. Now it's time to take photos, but you realize that you need to retouch your lipstick and don't have the matching color that you may have used. Be sure to purchase the lipstick you used when you got your make-up done so you can reapply it throughout the night.

Did you have these items on your list of things you may need?! xx

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