Badgely Mischka is on its way!

Although some might consider the end of the year the "slow season", it sure hasn't slowed down in other ways.  We are busy bees figuring out what gowns will be perfect for our Bustle Brides! I have made previous announcements regarding Cymbeline Paris with a sneak peek mentioned a few days ago, but today its Badgley Mischka's turn. Now I know you might not like it, but you can only view one of the gowns so far :) We do have a few more coming in, but I guess you'll just have to wait as long as we do! hehe Check out Fifi! Besides the absolutely adorable name, this gown has sweet ruffles and a very cute, yet couture, bow!


Close Up

  What do you think? Any suggestions of gowns you would like to see in our boutique? xx
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