Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party Atiire!

Being around your friends and family, enjoying cocktails and delicious food sounds absolutely amazing to any bride in the midst of planning their big day! Up until the day of the wedding, brides are under a lot of stress and it is for that reason that the Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party are that importan, as it allows for the bride to celebrate the joys of getting married. Something all brides should consider is what to wear to each of these different events.

Let's start off with the bridal shower! Typically, bridal showers are intimate gatherings with your famiy and friends, that may include your best friends, cousins and aunts, mother of the groom and any of his close family members. There may or may not be a theme for the bridal shower and if there is, that is a great guide on how the bride should dress! Some brides choose to wear any color cocktail dress and other choose to wear white/off-white as they are the guest of honor. Here are some great options all under $100!

H&M- Pink Dress $35

Modcloth-White dress $53

Now for the incredibly fun bachelorette party! There are so many options that the bride to be can wear! Depending on where you are having your bachelorette party, there are various options. A quite dinner downtown or a wild weekend in Vegas, you should always stand out! Here a few options, also under $100.

Nordstrom-Michael Kors $66

H&M-White Dress $30

Do you have a favorite dress?! What are you brides wearing for your special events?! xx

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