Rose Colors and What It Means!

As Valentine's day approaches, The Bustle decided to write a blog about roses and the different colors they come in. Different colors have different meanings and if you were doing roses at your wedding, this is a great way to add a personal touch! Let's start off with the most obvious of Valentine's Day flowers, the Red Rose.

Red roses have many meanings, but the most obvious is love, along with congratulations and a job well done. Red roses are the perfect flowers to give when you want to say I love you!

Next, we have the White Rose.

White roses are a sign of innocence and purity, or in the case of brides, white roses are a sign of happy love! You can not go wrong with having a white rose bouquet on your wedding day!

Now let's go over the beautiful pink rose!

The pink rose is a great way of showing your appreciation for that special person in your life! The rose also shows your admiration and gentleness.

Lastly, there is the bright yellow rose!

The yellow rose is a great way to communicate friendship or to welcome someone back and to show that you truly care.

While different colors mean different things, it is almost important to note that different number of roses means something as well.

To receive ONE rose shows the utmost devotion

To receive TWO roses intertwined means "MARRY ME"

To receive ELEVEN roses reassures the person that they are truly and deeply loved

To receive THIRTEEN roses means that you have a secret admirer


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