5 Nautical Ideas to Add to Your Summer Beach Wedding!

As February rolls around, you can't help but get anxious for beach weddings! For brides planning their beach weddings, it's crunch time on deciding on all the wedding details. It is important to keep the theme cohesive, so The Bustle staff sat down to discuss fun and creative ways to add nautical touches to a beautiful ocean backdrop. BRIDE'S ATTIRE

1. First and foremost, let's talk about your bridal gown! It is obvious to go with a destination style gown so that there is a relaxed vibe! Here at The Bustle, we have quiet a few designers who design destination wedding gowns.

This fabulous Ella Bridal gown is a perfect example of what a beach bride would wear. The dramatic back adds visual interest to last you days! There are amazing details on the bust that will catch the sun so beautifully.

This adorable Lillen Collection Susanna Gown is a different way of keeping the relaxed feeling going. Wearing a shorter gown could be great for an intimate and personal wedding.

The relaxed feeling of this stunning gown is only the beginning. If you are a bride who adores bling, why not go with Badgley Miscka's Celeste! The silhouette screams elegant, yet nautical, but the embelishment keeps you wanting more!


Obviously, we can't forget about the groom and what he will be wearing. How dashing would your groom look while wearing khaki pants, a white button up, and loafers. The khaki colored pants are great because they keep the relaxed feeling going, all the while of showing how important your groom is!

Color Scheme

What colors would be great for a nautical wedding? We thought it would be so interesting to go with Blue & Yellow. Why not do blue & white striped table clothes and yellow and white paper lanterns. The contrast in color is stunning and plays so well with the beach setting.

Signature Drinks

Being on the beach in your swimsuit, you can't help but want something icy to sip on! Having the beach as your reception setting would be great ideal for a signature beach drink. Drinks range from Martinis and Mojitos to fruit-filled Sangrias! Naming them something sweet to match you and your fiance is a great personal touch!

Beach-Inspired Food

Lox & Cucumbers is light & refreshing

Crab-Cakes are just so elegant and scrumptous!

Delicate Shrimp Skewers are just so tasteful!

Lobster Bisque Shooters are always fun and appetising!!

Which nautical idea is your favorite?
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