To Bustle, or not to Bustle?

Some brides have some apprehensions about bustles and whether or not they want one, or if the one they have in mind will look they way they want.  Here at The Bustle our seamstresses can tell you what sort of bustle would work best on your gown based on the fabric of the gown, the detail of the gown, and what you gravitate toward. :) Below are a few different ways to take up your train depending on your dress and style.

The English Bustle

The English bustle, or over bustle,  works great if you would like to show off some bead work or lace on your train!  It also complements mermaid dresses very well.  "Eyes" and "hooks" must be added for this type of bustle; the "eyes" are placed along the waistline while the hooks are down along the back of the dress.

Here is a Great Example of an Over Bustle!

 The French Bustle

Another great option is the under bustle or French/Victorian bustle.  This works well for gowns with no waistline or have a lot of detail going on in the back area.  It creates a more traditional look and more volume to the gown.  It is perfect for a ballgown or A-line, especially if it already has decorative pick ups.

Here is an Example of an Under Bustle!

Austrian Bustle

 While different and uncommon, the still beautiful Austrian bustle is created by running a ribbon through a back seam and pulling it through, creating a casing.

Beautiful Austrian Buslte!

The Loop

Though this is not technically a bustle, it is still an attractive way to keep your train off the ground for your reception.  Brides who have a train but would like to skip the bustle, can attatch a loop at the end of the train underneath, and simply put it on their wrist-a very romantic look. Some gowns even come with a loop underneath their train already!

Sweet and Old-Fashioned Way to Keep Your Train Off the Floor at Your Reception!

It's a good idea to keep in mind which bustles will work best for your gown.  If you want to show off some amazing lace or beautiful beading on your gown the the over bustle is a good option. If you have a ballgown or A-line, the under bustle is a great pick.  All in all, each option creates a beautiful bustle for any bride.

 Which bustle will you go with?!

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