Pre-Wedding Day Pampering Tips!

Any bride planning their wedding is bound to run into stress inducing problems, so what better way to prepare for your big day than by having a RELAXING SPA DAY!

The basics with any spa treatment is to first understand the lingo!

1. Aromatherapy is the usage of different oils and scents diffusing in your treatment room.

2. Body scrubs are great to exfoliate your skin and ensuring that your skin will be soft on your wedding day. Generally, body scrubs are to be done a week or so out from your wedding day to ensure that there is no redness on your wedding!

3. Body Wraps or Masks is when mud or mask is lathered onto your body and you are wrapped with seaweed or algae and left to absorb all the benefits that come with such treatment.

4. Facials are meant to cleanse and moisturize the skin to have that great bridal glow. While facials are great, be sure to consult an esthetician about when to do your facials. Recommended is 2-3 weeks out from your wedding day, especially if you are doing any chemcial peels. Doing facials in advance is perfect time to allow the face to heal completely before applying your bridal make-up.

5. Manicures and Pedicures don't need much explaining. A nice hand and foot massage while getting your nails done is the perfect icing on the pampering cake! As for timing, you can get your nails done by the day before to make sure that you have time the morning of your wedding!


6. Massage is what we all think of when we think of pampering! Laying out on a massage bed while you get all those wedding stress knots out is the perfect way to relax! Typically, there are three different types of massages to consider getting.

  • Swedish -- what we think of as "traditional" massage, a soothing combination  of stroking, friction, kneading, and percussive movements.
  • Shiatsu -- a Japanese therapeutic massage employing gentle finger pressure  on meridian points on your body, to eliminate energy blockages and relax  you.
  • Reflexology -- the best foot rub you'll ever get. Applying subtle pressure  to parts of your feet, the therapist is able to manipulate and release blocked  energy and emotion throughout your body.


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