Our Bride, Elizabeth!

How dreamy would it be to get married in a castle?! Well that's exactly what our bride Elizabeth did for her wedding. She lived the ultimate fairy tale and had a destination wedding in Scotland! Here are a few pics from the lovely bride. She wore a fitted lace gown with a stunning train to make her grand entrance down the aisle! ELIZABETH castlepic2

Our Bride, Alwyn!

Congratulations to our bride Alwyn on her wedding! She wore a beautiful lace gown from The Bustle and looked stunning on the big day! Details on her gown include a lace up back and beading throughout her bodice. Everything looked perfect, thank you Christina O'Brien Photography for capturing these precious moments of our bride in her gown! Thank you Alwyn for letting us be a part of your wedding and for sending us such kind words. You're the best! xo, The Bustle alwynn alwynn1 alwynn2 alwynn3        

Bridesmaids 101

It's no surprise that getting a group of excited, emotional girls to do anything in an organized fashion can be a serious challenge! Here's a few tips to keep things running smoothly from the ring until the moment you say "I Do!" Bridesmaids_movie_poster-1 Who to Choose Brides can often get carried away with the number of ladies they include in their wedding party. Our best tip is to just include the girls who are the closest to you and those that you know will be your bestie forever.  Skip the sorority sister you just want to impress, and the high school drama club pal you haven't hung out with in six months.  It's also a common courtesy and a nice gesture to include any sisters you or your groom may have, after all they're family now! Finally, don't worry about making the number of groomsmen and bridesmaids even- you can have a groomsman walk multiple girls down the aisle and vice versa.   bridesmaids dresses Dress Shopping Drama Choosing one dress that fits all shapes, sizes and styles may seem like an impossible task! Avoid all the drama by helping the girls pick out a few options and letting them vote on the style or color.  If they're still not feeling the same dress, you can always go with mismatched dresses, just make sure there's a unifying theme (style, color, fabric, length, etc.) so they don't all look like they're going to different events! Remember that everyone may have their own budget and style preferences, so have that talk before you head out shopping and you'll avoid the drama that can come with this outing.  Ultimately, you're the bride so the final decision should be yours.   bridesmaid bouquet Aisle Style One of the most important pieces of advice we can give you is to have a rehearsal a day or two before the wedding, including everyone who will be walking down the aisle- especially if you don't have a wedding planner.  Get all the ladies and gents lined up in order how you would like them to stand.  The maid of honor should go last, just before the flower girl if you have one, either alone or paired off with the groomsmen. Don't forget to tell them to hold their bouquet at their bellybutton (not in front of their face!) walk slowly, and most importantly, smile!     Photo Credit: crushable.com, christinechangphoto.com, colincowieweddings.com    

Our Bride, Stephanie!

Our wonderful bride Stephanie looked like a princess for her romantic spring wedding! She wore a beautiful satin and tulle gown from The Bustle. Thank you Two Bright Lights for sending us photos from the special day! It was a pleasure trying to find a romantic gown to match Stephanie's out door wedding (: We're so happy you found she found a gown she loved! Congrats Stephanie!! We wish you all the best <3 stephanie03 stephanie01 stephanie02

Our Bride, Merlot!

Our bride Merlot looked happily in love wearing a lace trumpet gown from The Bustle. True Photography did an amazing job capturing those special moments from her wedding! Congrats on your wedding Merlot, you looked beautiful! (: 0007Merlot_Joe_pf 0313Merlot_Joe 0001Merlot_Joe_pf To see more photos from Merlot's wedding, check out True Photography's website and our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/thebustledelmar

Bring out the kid in everyone!

Are you a bride who wants to add fun factors at your wedding reception? Well we've brain stormed a few ideas that are sure to entertain your guests without losing the sophistication of your wedding. Here are a couple ways to bring out the kid in everyone! CANDY BAR: A candy bar is a station set up in a buffet style with an assortment of candy from chocolate to sugary treats. Your guests can then fill up a bag of candy to enjoy. Both you and your groom can pick out your favorite candy flavors, or can even go along with the color theme of your wedding. For example, if your main wedding color is red, candy like red vines, swedish fish, and red m&ms would be perfect choices. Everyone has a sweet tooth and will be impressed with an assortment of delicious  flavors of their choosing.

candy bar

Personalize your candy bags with a monogram of you and your groom's initials for a cute touch

Personalize your candy bags with a monogram of you and your groom's initials for a cute touch

PHOTO BOOTH: Photo booth pictures are fun souvenirs for your guests. There are even video booths which act like a virtual guest book where your family and friends can leave a quick video message to you and your groom! If you're a crafty bride, consider buying a few polaroids or disposable cameras. Leave one at each table for your guests to take pictures during the night. You'll see that once developed, those candid photos will end up being the best captured moments from your wedding night, which can be added to your wedding scrap book!
Add some props for your guests to pose with in photos!

Add some props for your guests to pose with in photos!

polaroid What do you have planned as entertainment for your guests to enjoy at your wedding reception? (: