Bridal Emergency Kit: 5 Beauty Must Haves

No matter how much we plan, we can't prevent the small hiccups that might come up on your wedding day. Don't worry, we've all had those beauty mishaps and it shouldn't be something to stress about! (: Here are 5 must have items to include in your beauty emergency kit. 1. Q-Tips These are perfect for touching up eye make up or lip stick smudgesq_tips-600x400 2. Blotting Tissues Get rid of shine before taking pictures and walking down the aisle! These will help to reduce oil without messing up your make-up all_about_blotting_papers   3. Bobby Pins They're such a life saver for those pesky strands of hair, or to secure your veil on a windy day img-thing 4. Tissues There will be tears of joy and happiness, so these will come in handy (; facial-tissue-papers-250x250-250x250 5. Mini Sewing Kit Just in case for that quick clothing repair Christmas-gift-guide-craf-015   We want to make sure all our brides are prepared for any beauty emergencies. Let us know what other items we're forgetting in our emergency kit! (:  

Our Bride, Leslie!

This week, we received photos from our bride Leslie! She's a perfect example of how wedding gowns can be transformed to fit a bride's individual style! (: We had so much fun in alterations and seeing the different stages of her gown being made at The Bustle. We especially love the lace detailing that she added along the hem of her dress. Congratulations again Leslie, your tea length dress looked aaamazing, and we're so happy to have been a part of the whole process! We wish you all the best! xo, The Bustle IMG_4694 IMG_5048 IMG_4703

Our Bustle Bride, Lindsay!

We are gushing over our bride Lindsay! She got married by the beach, and we  wanted to share these beautiful photos taken by True PhotographyLindsay looked stunning in her mermaid gown from The Bustle. It fit perfect for her venue, and she couldn't look happier on the special day! Congratulations again Lindsay, we wish you nothing but love and happiness! xo 0017Lindsay_Brent_pf 0004Lindsay_Brent_pf 0038Lindsay_Brent_pf 0012Lindsay_Brent_pf  

MAY! Anne Barge Featured Gowns

Happy May to all the beautiful brides<3 Here are Anne Barge's featured gowns of the month! These beauties, Olivia and Leah will make any bride feel as beautiful as she looks! The Bustle's Anne Barge trunk show runs through May 9th, so don't wait too long to schedule your private appointment so we can help you find your perfect dress! xo Leah~ This gown style features clean tailored lines and a beautiful silhouette to show off a tiny waist. (; We love the scalloped lacing and how elegant this dress is! leah Olivia~ This modern take on lace is amazing! This lightweight gown shows off curves and the material feels so luxurious and silky. olivia

Our Bride, Kate!

Our bride Kate looked beautiful wearing a mermaid satin gown from The Bustle.  Details on her gown include a deep sweetheart neck line, a low back, and satin buttons that extend all the way to the train! We were a part of her sister, Kim's wedding as well, and let me tell you.. these girls were so sweet and fun to work with!! (: Kate, you looked stunning, and we wish you and your sister all the best<33 dress1 Dixon - Greer -601 dress2 kindworrrdsss

Our stunning bride Sonya!

Our beautiful bride Sonya looked radiant on her wedding day at L'Auberge! She wore a Stella York gown in satin with dangling earrings and a veil to complete the look. It was such a pleasure to be a part of her wedding! Sonya, we wish you and your now husband the best of luck and want to thank you so much for sending these gorgeous photos from your wedding! xx




The Wedding Band Guide

With so many different metals to choose from, how do you find a wedding band as strong as the love for your fiancé?(: We're constantly using our hands, so durable rings that won't easily be damaged are ideal. We've compiled a guide of the most popular metals used for wedding bands, each listed with it's pros and cons. While you and your fiancé shop for the perfect rings, try and keep these factors in mind when narrowing down choices and making your final decision together. wedding-bands-small PLATINUM Platinum is a rare metal that is silvery and almost white in color. Its heavier and pricier than most metals, but more resistant to scratches. Platinum also and won't fade or tarnish as easily. Its durability makes it the perfect metal to have a secure setting for diamonds or gem stones. GOLD Gold wedding bands are distinct and great for those couples looking for a more vintage look. Gold is popular for its rarity and luster. A larger karat means there's a higher percentage of pure gold. The hardness and durability of gold depends on the karat, so remember that a higher karat will be a lot softer. TITANIUM Titanium is more resistant to tarnishing, and its durability makes it more impervious to scratches. It's also lightweight and another less expensive hypoallergenic alternative to platinum. Titanium is difficult to re-size, but still possible if needed. TUNGSTEN Tungsten is the best choice when wanting a ring that's most resistant to abrasion. Although more pricey, it's well worth the investment as tungsten is almost impossible to scratch and retains its shine. An important thing to note when buying a tungsten band is that you can't re-size the metal. STERLING SILVER Sterling silver is perfect suited for those wanting a more simple style. Although more susceptible to tarnish and collecting scratches, it's the most affordable of the metals.