Our Bride, Heidi!

The always gorgeous Heidi is newly married! We are absolutely lovestruck by her gorgeous lace and peek-a-boo tulle gown with a classic corset back.  She is glowing with bridal beauty in her amazing photos and we know she had the perfect dress to match her perfect day! We want to wish the happy couple the best for many many years to come! heidi2 heidi 3 Heidi 1 Heidi 4

Congratulations to our Bustle Bride: Jennifer Conklin-Babington

It has been said before, but can't be said enough…


We were sent these pictures from our lovely bride Jennifer who looked ravishing on her wedding day. She wore a lovely Stella York ball gown with a beaded bodice and a ruffled organza skirt. To top off the look, her veil was custom made.

Jennifer was such a dream to work with and we are so grateful to have been a part of her big day. 




The Happy & Beautiful Couple
What a sight to see!
Stunning photo of the bride! (check out those shoes!)

Thank you Jennifer for these gorgeous pictures! The girls here at The Bustle wish you both a lifetime of love, happiness and good health.



Alterations 101!

About two months before your wedding day, each bride should begin her alterations.  Two months allows for enough time to get everything finished as well as guarantee the most accurate results as our bodies do change throughout the year. Here are a few guidelines on how to take advantage of each appointment to make sure your look is perfect! 1. On your first appointment: Bring your wedding shoes! Whether you are wearing 5 inch platforms or flip flops for the beach, any good seamstress will not start your hem until you have your wedding shoes.  This ensures no tripping and the perfect length making moving in your gown super comfortable. 2. Bring possible undergarments: Most of the time brides opt out of any and ask for push up cups to be sewn into the gown.  BUT bring whatever corset top or bra you think you might wear to your fitting.  Sometimes corset back gowns already have enough structure so a corset bra might feel like too much. Or, the back of your gown might be below the bra line. You won't know unless you try, so bring it all! 3. Play with accessories: If you don't already have your veil or jewelry, ask your consultant to help out.  You never know what will look best unless you try it on with your gown.  Veil color variations and necklace lengths are all small details that need to be addressed.  As the seamstress pins you, play with different looks and make sure to place any orders as soon as possible. 4. Be honest with your seamstress: If you see a loose thread, don't think your gown is tight enough, or want a deeper sweetheart cut, etc. tell your seamstress.  This is your chance to be as precise as you can, so don't be shy and express what you think. Ask your consultant or seamstress for their opinion too.  They have a lot of experience with alterations.

All About Veils!

You've found the dress, you've found the shoes, and now it's time to start thinking about the other accessories you may need for your walk down the aisle. The one thing that completes any bridal look is a veil. They can be very romantic and when will you ever have another chance to wear one? Here at The Bustle, we have many different lengths and styles so we've created a condensed guide to choosing a veil! The smallest veil style is called a Birdcage. Inspired by old Hollywood, this type of veil is made of a wide netting and frames the face. It is usually attached to the hair with a small comb and sometimes incorporates flowers, crystals, or even feathers!

Here is one example of a birdcage veil! How fun!

Shoulder length veils are a more traditional style are about 20 inches long.

A lovely Bel Aire shoulder length veil!

Probably one of the most popular veil styles is the fingertip length veil and ...you guessed it, right at the fingertips or around the hand. A typical length for this veil is 36 inches. Now if you want a more dramatic look, the Cathedral length is the way to go.  Typically these veils are 108 inches and line the back of your train.  If you don't have a train or don't want one, this veil will create the illusion of length during your ceremony.  Its perfect for a formal affair and great for pictures! Now lets not forget the blusher! A blusher is the piece of tule that covers the brides face as she walks down the aisle. Traditionally, the groom will flip the blusher away from the bride's face just before he kisses her. How romantic! Today, many brides choose not to wear a blusher and just have a veil that goes down her back. Here is a great way to compare the different lengths.

Here is a great guide for selecting a veil length :)

What style will you choose for your wedding?

Want to Add Color on Your Special Day?

Some brides love the classic white look on their wedding day: white gown, white shoes, and a white bouquet.  There is nothing wrong with that, but if you're a bride who wants to add color with your gown, there are a few ways of doing that. The most obvious of these options is by holding a colored bouquet! There are a few things to consider when you want to hold a colored bouquet... 1. What color flowers are the bridesmaids bouquet? Do you want to hold a similar bouquet, just a bit bigger? 2. What colors are in the theme of your wedding? It is important not to deviate into colors that have yet to be used so that everything ties in together. 3.What color are your bridesmaids dresses? A great way to incorpoarte colors is by having your bridesmaids hold white bouquets with their colored dress. For instance, if your bridesmaids are wearing purple dresses, have them hold white bouquets and you can hold a purple bouquet!

You can also chose to add color by wearing colored shoes! It's such a fun, yet elegant way of adding color on your special day! If all your bridesmaids are wearing the same colored shoes, join them! You can always decide to wear a color completely out of the blue! It's here that having a long gown comes in handy! Not many people will notice your different colored shoes, but if they do, they will be in for a treat! They may not be visible all day, but they will be in your weddings pictures which are memories to last forever! And, you can always add a colored sash to your dress! Since we are going with the purple theme, if your favorite color is purple, ask the boutique that you bought your gown from if they sell sashes or beaded belts that could compliment your dress. (hopefully it's The Bustle ). ;) Whether you want it plain, minimal beading, or you are going all out *bling*, adding a sash is a great way to add color to your gown, all the while maintaining its beauty!

What is your favorite color? :)

Pictures from our gorgeous bride!

We absolutely love when months down the road our brides reach out and share pictures from their most memorable day.  This bride had an amazing wedding in Mexico recently and I can't believe how perfect her gown was for the venue, and most importantly, for her! Jealous of the bare feet, heels aren't always friendly! Her necklace matched the beading so well! Love the blue too :) <3 A perfect way to end a perfect day! Congratulatons to you both once more!

Alterations Advice: The Hem

So a friend of mine just went to a wedding and asked me an amazing question.  "What happens to the hem of the dress when the bride switches shoes for the reception?" It seemed so simple, yet I never had the thought to figure it out.  Well, today, I have the answer! We all have seen many brides change up their shoes for the reception (most likely cute flip flops).  Usually that change goes from a four inch heel to almost nothing.  That is a huge difference in your hem.  I spoke with our seamstress and sadly the answer is not all that great.  You can always alter the length of your hem/train in the back by tying the bustle a little tighter, but that always depends on what kind of bustle you get.  Unfortunately there are only about three good solutions. 1. Do not purchase a gigantic heel to begin with.  No one can really tell how high or how low your heel is underneath your gown.  Plus, a smaller heel is more comfortable so you might even opt out of switching shoes later on.  If the heel is only about two inches high, the difference in hem length will not be that great.  When you do switch to flip flops, you will not be stepping on your gown as much as your hem will be more accurate.  Solution number one seems okay to me! 2.  Have the seemstress make your hem a little bit above the ground to begin with.  If you don't mind the hem being higher, let her take it up an entire inch (or more if you chose).  During your ceremony, pictures and part of your reception your cute shoes will be peaking out the entire time, so that's not too bad. Plus if you do switch up to a lower heel, the difference is lessened.  The only mini issue with this option is that it is very difficult to get the hem absolutely perfect when it is above the ground line.  Keep that in mind and treat your seamstress nicely (as you always should) while she creates magic! 3. And finally... something I didn't even think of, but a bride today showed me.. get flip flops that are platformed.  Now I personally am not a fan of the look, but these looked sooo cute! They were platform white flip flops the whole way through (not just the heel) with fun beading on the straps and crystalized "Bride" on the sides.  Adorable! This definitely helped out our bride too because her gown definitely had many layers that needed the lift even later.  Depending on your personality and your needs, any of these solutions will work.  Thanks to my friend, I too now know the answer ;)

Wedding shoes.. do they have to be white?

Alterations are calming down a little bit as the wedding buzz is dying down.  I have been able to scope out some amazing wedding shoes over the summer as our brides made their way in.  The idea that you must match your shoes to your gown still exists, but not as much anymore.  Our brides have come in with sparkles, red, blue, cream, purple, flats, flip flops, and pumps. The possibilities are really endless. Since I am more of a comfort over style girl myself, I always advise girls to find something comfortable before anything else! You will be wearing those gorgeous shoes alllll night, so you want to make sure they will help you stay on your feet. Decide what kind of heel you would like either based on your fiance's height, your dress length, or comfort level.  If you are a more traditional kind of girl, go for white, cream or ivory to match your gown.  Sometimes girls worry that a certain white will not match up, but even if it's a slight difference its okay.  Most likely the only time you might view the difference is when you take a few pictures.  Otherwise not too many people will be looking at your feet during your day, but rather your gorgeous gown and your happy smile.  Sometimes if you deal with a smaller boutique or a local designer they can actually provide you with a mini swatch of your gown to take with you for your shoe hunt.  It never hurts to ask, and it could come in handy when picking out bridesmaid dresses.
Shades of White

Shades of White

What if you don't want white? Then the possibilities are endless! Most brides are going for a color that might match their general accent color, while others just go for "something blue". I was awed by a bride's bright red pumps last week.  A wedding in Mexico calls for some flavor and those shoes were the icing on the bride! Different colors in shades of pastels keeps a gentle contrast from your white gown, but if your personality is bold you can go for bright pink!  
Darks to Pastels

Darks to Pastels

If you're not a heel kind of girl, no worries.  I just saw some awesome blinged out linen flats that our bride brought in.  They looked amazing for the brides personality and matched the gown.  You can wear bridal flip flops and even boots if you'd like! I mean, it is YOUR wedding day.  Orange converse? Yup.. seen those too :) No matter what shoe you do decide it is most important to have your shoes ready for alterations two months ahead of time so everything is perfect! Also if you think you might switch shoes and you're going rom a 5 inch heel to something much smaller, bring those too.  The length of the dress might get in the way when the switch does occur. Whatever you do end up chosing, it will be perfect... trust me. :)  
Fun colors... and coordinate socks! cute!

Fun colors... and coordinate socks! cute!