Fun Ideas for a Grand Exit!

After your vows are exchanged and you can finally say you are husband and wife, an exit must occur! If not then, then the one right after your fun reception. Either way, you should add some fun details to celebrate! Butterflies There are many companies out there that provide butterflies for your grand exit. They are not harmed and create a very whimsical feel to your wedding day. Great pictures can be captured and no littering! Bubbles Blowing bubbles makes anyone feel young and fun. You can place tiny bottles in each person's seat before the ceremony and the results are awesome. It is a great and playful option, and don't worry, your dress won't suffer if a bubble or two land on you :) Traditional Confetti When some brides think 'confetti' they might picture it in a cheesy way, but they couldn't be more wrong! You can get so creative with different colors and shapes making them more personal. You can use your initials, your wedding day color palete, and fun designs. Sparklers If you're having an evening wedding, sparklers are the best! It might be hard to see bubbles and confetti at night so brighten it up! They create an elegant look and you can have your photographer help you create awesome pictures.
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