Wedding gowns and their many fabric choices!

Any bride-to-be shopping for their wedding gown has a lot to consider when it comes to their dream gown. Aside from thinking of "bling" or flowers, you must consider the different fabrics that wedding gowns come in. There are so many options and each of them does something different to the gown.

Let's begin with lace! Lace is a great choice for any bride going for a romantic and classic look. Lace can either be Chantilly or Alencon. Chantilly lace is a softer and more loose lace, while Alencon lace has cording embroidered into it making it more structured.

Top Row: Chantilly Lace
Bottom Row: Alencon Lace

Next, there is Satin. Satin is made of silk, but has a shiny side and comes in different options. Satin comes in duchesse satin, silk satin and bridal satin.

Satin-Ella Bridal

Now for silk and its many forms! Silk is done in a variety of ways.

1. Silk Chiffon is a very soft and almost transparent. Typically, silk chiffon is layered.

Silk Chiffon

2. Silk Charmeuse is like silk chiffon, except that it has a shine to it!

Silk Charmeuse

Silk Mikado is a blend that is heavier than pure silk so it has more structure and weight.

Silk Mikado

Silk Organza is a light weight fabric that is perfect for warm weather weddings!

Silk Organza- Badgley Misckha Fifi

Silk Taffeta is slightly ribbed allowing it to holding its shaped when constructed.

Silk Taffeta

Last but not least, there are tulle gowns! Tulle is inexpensive and is reminiscent of a tutu skirt we all grew up wearing. For any bride not wanting to spend to much, but still looking for drama, this is a great option!

Tulle-Ella Bridal

What fabric is your favorite?! xx

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